Andreas Arend

Andreas Arend is a lutenist and composer. He studied early music in Berlin with Nigel North and Elizabeth Kenny. As a player of plucked period instruments he gives concerts mostly in Europe, but has been also guest in several places overseas.
He is member of Ensemble Chelycus, that concentrates mainly on german, austrian and italian music of the 17th century, but also works with the polish baroque orchestra Arte dei Suonatori, plays at Freiburger Barockorchester, Holland Baroque Society, Norske Barokksolistene and many others.
He led the Holland Baroque Society touring to Moscow, Poland and the Netherlands and with a programme concerning the Song of Songs on the Utrecht Early-Music-Festival.

Andreas teaches the lute at the Royal Danish Academy of music in Copenhagen.
He is part of numerous Cd-recordings, radio- and television-productions.
In the last years he started developing programs, that combine the interest in early music with composing and contemporary music. Concerts with subjects like Galileo Galilei or Salve Regina have been produced by Arte dei Suonatori. With the group Metamorphosen Musiktheater he initialized the semi-staged concert-series "Epos - die Erzählung geht weiter" in Berlin, which is dedicated to epic literature and music.