KRICH!!! Musical Theatre from Battle to Comfort

26.05.2017 / 12.00 / Uusi Paviljonki (New Pavillion)
Läntinen koulupolku 1-3

Young musicians from Germany and Finland play to young people. This concert has a story and includes dance and cultural conflicts. In the end a finnish love song gives a peaceful solution.

Youth Baroque Orchestra Bachs Erben (Michaelstein) and Itis Ensemble
Heike Hennig, direction and choreography

Bachs Erben (Michaelstein/Germany)
Itis-Ensemble (Itä-Helsingin musiikkiopisto)
Heike Hennig, choreography
Georg Kallweit and Raphael Alpermann, musical direction
Dancers: Lukas Steltner, Hong Thai Nguyen